8 Time Management Apps: Hassle-Free Management of Tasks and To-Dos

Time ManagementWe all chase the tick-tock of the clock to beat deadlines, make the most of a meeting or check every box on our to-do list. Some of us make do with a piece of paper and pencil. Others try to make use of technology to improve their productivity. If you belong to the latter group, here are some of the best time management apps to help you be productive and achieve a balanced lifestyle:

Sleep Cycle and Alarm Clock Pro

This best time management apps list starts with these tools to ensure that you get enough rest and wake up on time. Sleep Cycle keeps track of your sleep pattern and tries to wake you during the lightest phase of your sleep, as opposed to your deep sleep state. You actually need to put the iPhone under your bed so it can detect your motion and monitor your sleep cycle. The other wake-up application is the Alarm Clock Pro. This alarm clock wakes you up to the tune of your favorite music, and not that irritating bell or beep.

Google Calendar

This is a simple, free and universal tool that most of us can access. You can use Google Calendar to schedule your appointments and organize your tasks. Users can also easily transfer their data from Google Calendar to other project management software.


If you start your day early and finish it just before dinner, or maybe if you attend one meeting after another, OmniFocus is what you need. This is not your simple time and task manager app. It is a powerful time management tool to help you monitor projects, dates, places and persons. You can also notify other individuals and collaborators using OmniFocus.

Mozilla Sunbird

If you have several Google accounts and are not fond of using Outlook to manage them all, you can do it with Mozilla Sunbird. This app will get the data from all your calendars and consolidate all of your tasks and appointments from multiple accounts. There are also reminders that will pop up to keep you on track with your schedule.

aTimeLogger or Gleeo Time Tracker

The aTimeLogger is for iPhone users while the Gleeo Time Tracker is for Android users. Both of these time tracking tools are free to download. You might not have considered looking into the details of how you are spending your hours but use these apps for a few weeks and you will get to know yourself better. These apps will give you a glimpse of how productive you are scientifically with statistics at the end of each month.


This is another time tracker perfect for people on the go. If you happen to be a freelancer, CubeAnywhere is a great cross-platform tool. You can add your tasks, monitor your earnings, and create schedules. Sign-up is hassle-free and you can use your existing Google account to try it.


Windows and Apple users can use this cross-platform solution to manage their tasks. You can schedule tasks and create notes right on your desktop without having to go online or open a web browser. Using the web interface or via social media sites like Twitter or Facebook, you can share your list with other people. You can also print everything if you feel you are more effective combining handwritten notes with digital.


Make the most of that virtual assistant on your iPhone 4S. Your phone has a built-in reminder and calendar app that you can manipulate by “talking” to Siri. The technology is clever enough to trigger a reminder when you are in a particular location where you need to do something. For example, Siri can remind you to call your daughter that you are about to pick her up.


  1. tony says

    Thanks for this bro. Saves me the trouble of installing and trying each and every app. Now i have an overview of what the apps do. im trying omnifocus and cubeanywhere…

  2. Rey says

    A friend recommended that I use Sleep Cycle, and I liked the app because it has woken me up during a state that I can easily get up with no feeling of groggy. It’s worth the price for paying the app.

  3. Norman Tagum says

    I am currently using Blackberry 9360 and currently not aware of any of the 8 apps mentioned above (well, aside from Siri).

    However, this write-up made me aware that these apps exist, and I am looking forward in trying at least one them when I revert back to iOS or move to Android.


  4. says

    I’ve used a lot of these apps on this list and can definitely recommend Sleep Cycle, aTimeLogger and Omnifocus. Another great app to consider for managing multiple Gmail accounts is Mailplane, or if you want something more like a real mail client I can also recommend Postbox.

  5. Mike D. says

    I think that in order to maximize your day, you need to have structure in your life. I first started with google calendar, some to do’s and then moved right to project management and time tracking. The tool I use is called Paymo ( http://www.paymo.biz ) and I use it to track my time on different projects, it’s great to help you you be accountable for your time and see how productive you are, at least that’s how I use it.

  6. Kelsi says

    I am using TSheets for time tracking which can be used on iPhone or Droid – it’s definitely worth the effort to track your time and evaluate it with reports that are super simple to generate/read

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