Bank Teller Cover Letter

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Bank Teller Cover Letter

Bank Teller Cover Letter


March 3, 2008

Frank Burns, Human Resources Director
Home Town Bank
345 Main St.
Home Town, IL 60602

Dear Mr. Burns,

In response to yesterday’s ad in the Home Town Gazette, I would like to apply for the Bank Teller position at Home Town Bank.

I have worked at the Home Town Credit Union since graduating from Home Town Junior College with an associate degree in Business in 2008. There I was responsible for working with the public daily, assisting with marketing and reconciling cash drawers. I was recently recognized for perfectly balancing cash drawers for 12 months.

I will bring my accuracy and reliability, as well as my people skills and reputation for prompt, courteous service, to my work at Home Town Bank. In addition, the training in Customer Service Standards I received from the Credit Union will help me provide your customers with the excellent service they deserve.

My other work experience includes 18 months as an office assistant at General Realty Title Transfer, where I was responsible for handling public inquiries and maintaining customer confidentiality.

My money-managing skills also come into play in my volunteer work as the Treasurer for the local chapter of the ASPCA, where I track the group’s finances and make sure we’re spending our money carefully.

My resume is enclosed and references are available upon request. I hope to schedule an interview with you in the near future. I look forward to making a contribution as part of your organization.

Sincerely yours,

Hope Full

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