Physical Therapy Assistant Cover Letter

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Physical Therapy Assistant Cover Letter

Physical Therapy Assistant Cover Letter



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I recently became aware that Get You Well company was looking for a physical therapy assistant and I wanted to offer my services.

I have earned my AA in nursing and have been eager to continue my training in a clinical environment. I have experience with physical therapy for both the elderly and those who have been in accidents, but I realize that good care requires more than just the actual therapy itself. I am familiar with preparing a detailed scope of treatment and can also manage the thorough reports that must be generated as well as billing practices.

In addition to my “hard” skills, I would be an excellent fit given my compassion for both the patient and the caregiver. For several years, I was a caregiver to a family member so I am familiar with the stress and burnout these individuals sometimes feel, as well as the challenges a patient faces. I would like to help provide emotional, as well as physical, support to this important population.

Attached is my resume. I will call you next week to arrange an in-person interview and look forward to meeting you.

Thank you for your consideration.



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