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Cover Letter WritingA cover letter is your opportunity to introduce yourself and say, in your own words, why you are interested in the position, what you can bring to the organization and why you deserve to go to the second round. It is your opportunity to give some personality to your application, convey information not otherwise found on your resume and spark interest in your reader.

As you write your cover letter, keep in mind that it is not intended to duplicate your resume. Its role is to highlight key aspects of your candidacy that you believe deserve mention. Try to capture the reader’s attention enough so that he or she will want to pay closer attention to your resume.┬áBe positive and personable.

Your first impression will be through your cover letter. That first impression can carry you a long way. On that note, good luck!

Cover Letter Sections

Cover Letter Structure Basic structure for your cover letter if you’re not sure how to proceed.
Cover Letter Tips Tips on how to write an effective cover letter that will make an impression.
Cover Letter Mistakes Mistakes to avoid when writing your cover letter.
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