Creating Watermarks in Word, Excel and PowerPoint (2003)

Microsoft OfficeWatermarks are texts or pictures that appear as background in a document.  In an office setting, they are often used to identify the status of a document or qualify the document (i.e., draft, final, for discussion, internal, etc.).  For example, if you are writing a memorandum to a partner or an opinion to a client, it is recommended that you add a watermark if additional work is required.  This is helpful to the reader, but also for liability purposes.  Using watermarks is not the only way to qualify a document, but it makes the document look neat and adds an air of professionalism to it.  Further, it demonstrates that you are computer literate.

Below are steps to create watermarks in Word, Excel and PowerPoint:

How to Create a Watermark “DRAFT” in Word:

  1. Go to Format.
  2. Click on Background.
  3. Click on Printed Watermark.
  4. Click on Text Watermark and enter the word “DRAFT”.
  5. Select “Apply”.

How to Create a Watermark in Excel:

  1. Go to Insert.
  2. Click on Picture.
  3. Click on WordArt.
  4. Select a WordArt Style.
  5. Type “DRAFT” as the text.

How to Create a Watermark with PowerPoint:

  1. Go to View.
  2. Click on Master.
  3. Click on Slide Master.
  4. Enter “DRAFT” as the header or footer.

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