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Job InterviewYou sent your application and are anxious to hear back from the employer. The phone rings. That’s it, you’ve got the interview. What’s next? You have come a long way, but the process is not over yet. Actually, you have been sheltered so far, but will now have to “perform live.” What should you do?

Recognize that the finish line is close and that the competition has narrowed down. You’re among the finalists. Will you stand up to the pressure? It is here that the good work methodology that you have followed so far will prove useful. If you have researched the organization and the industry, all you have to do now is refresh your memory and get ready to answer questions that go your way. Anticipate questions and practice out loud. Be ready to discuss your experience and qualifications. Be ready to make positive statements about how you can contribute to the employer. Be ready to give concrete examples.

There is no way for you to know what questions will be asked at the job interview, but that’s not what “being ready” means. It doesn’t mean to know what to expect. It means to be prepared for the unexpected. There is just so much you can do to prepare for the interview. Once you have done your part, lay back and put things in perspective. “Absorb” the information as opposed to memorizing it and be ready to discuss.

WorkAlpha’s Interview Section is a collection of articles, each shedding a different perspective on the job interview process, to help you prepare for that crucial meeting. As you read through the material in this section, keep in mind that confidence is key when interviewing for a job. If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody will. If you want the interviewer to think that you are the best fit for the job, you must first believe it yourself. Notice that we used the word “fit” as opposed to “qualified.”

Interview Sections

Interview Types Various types of interview and how to approach them.
Interview Tips Tips on how to make a good impression at the job interview.
Interview Attire Tips on how to dress for the job interview.
Interview Questions Questions that may be asked at the job interview.
Interview Answers Tips on how to answer questions at the job interview.
Interview Mistakes Mistakes to avoid at the job interview.
Interview Follow-up Tips on how to follow-up after the job interview.
Interview Archives List of interview articles.