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Job Search eBookWorkAlpha’s Job Search eBook features job search tips from our expert authors (Megan Koehler, Cathie Ericson and Alex Freund), including tips on the four main aspects of the job search:

  • Networking: Tips on how to network effectively and build strong and lasting relationships.
  • Resume Writing: Tips on how to write an effective resume that will highlight your candidacy.
  • Cover Letter Writing: Tips on how to write a cover letter that will engage the reader and show your interest in the position.
  • Interviewing: Tips on how to make the best possible impression at the job interview and seal the deal.

WorkAlpha’s Job Search eBook is free.  It’s our way to wish you good luck in your job search!

Please enter your name and email address below to download WorkAlpha’s Job Search eBook.  Make sure to enter a valid email address. Once the form completed, you will receive an email with a link to the download page. We’re using WordPress’ email delivery system, so look out for “WordPress”.  If you don’t receive the email, make sure to check the spam folder in your email account.



About the authors:

  • Megan Koehler is an expert resume writer and personal branding strategist. Her expertise spans a wide array of progressive roles including resume writer, lead writer, editor, certified advanced resume writer, author and owner/CEO of ContempoResume. Click here to view Megan’s full biography.
  • Cathie Ericson is a freelance writer and public relations consultant, serving B2B and B2C clients in multiple industries, from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses. Click here to view Cathie’s full biography.
  • Alex Freund is the founder of LandingExpert – Career Coaching services. He is prominent in a number of networking groups and has helped many job seekers with their career searches, providing them with tools, information, marketing material, and one-on-one preparation for the interview. Click here to view Alex’s full biography.

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