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A resume is a document intended to show to a potential employer, as “objectively” as possible, why your experience and qualifications make you the best candidate for the job. Objectively was put in quotes because, although the resume has to be written in an impersonal tone, the content of the resume is very subjective: What do you believe your experience was? What do you believe your accomplishments were? What do you believe you contributed to your prior employers?

WorkAlpha’s Resume Section is a collection of resume tips, resume articles and resume samples intended to help you write the best resume that you possibly can. We have asked professional resume writers to give their insights into all the aspects of resume writing. Now, the ball is in your hands. Good luck!

Resume Sections

Resume Sections Tips on how to approach the various sections that compose a resume.
Resume Tips Tips on how to write an effective resume that gets results.
Resume Formats Tips on what format to use for your resume, the reverse chronological format, the functional format or the hybrid format.
Resume Layouts Tips on how to improve the layout of your resume for better visual impact.
Resume Samples Resume samples for various industries and professions.
Resume Ideas Ideas on how to go off beaten paths with your resume.
Resume Mistakes Mistakes to avoid when writing your resume.
Resume Distribution Tips on whether or not to use a resume distribution service.
Resume Archives List of resume artices.